Unless otherwise specified, all works on this site are © Timothy Gordon Stockman, protected under the Berne Convention.  Each will also come with its own specific copyright notice.  I give permission to third parties to reference any of my online material, so long as they attribute them accordingly.  I would appreciate a head's up if it's a lengthy reference, but as long as the acknowledgment of my time is there, I have no objections.


Note that if someone does reference my works in support of views or opinions, they are not necessarily my own.  If I am made aware of such references and object strongly enough, I will voice my own opinion of the use of any quote or concept from my writings, including if I feel it is too far from the intended spirit.  In short, my policy isn't much different from Dr. Seuss (a well-known reference only -- I'll wade into debates in my letters/blogs if I so choose, not the legal section).  I do not own other people's opinions, nor even their perception of how they read my stories.  Understand I value productive discourse; if I make my own opinion known in any matter -- in agreement or disagreement -- it is with respect.


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